Łukasz Borowicki Trio

with Mariusz Praśniewski (b) and Kasper Tom Christiansen (dr).

Songs with rhymes

Here's a quite lengthy sneak peek of a recording session that took place in January 2016.

The main idea behind this project was to capture the truly acoustic properties of the trio with various acoustic guitars as leading istrument acompanied by a rhythm section.

The music varies from rigitly outlined contures with somewhat deconstructive tendencies to open and free improvised forms and textures.

The trio released the album People, Cats & Obstacles in november 2014 and another one is on its way.
"Join Lukasz on a journey into a world full of strange people, cats and obstacles. His unique perception of the inner workings of simple things will make you feel happy, sad, weird, dizzy, offended, pleased and much more.
His original tunes are presented by him and a rhythm section, which works great together. The improvisations always support the larger artistic statement of the songs. The same goes for some technically very advanced passages which have been mastered to perfection.
The music will surely stay with you for quite some time after you´ve listened to the whole album.
Lukasz Borowicki has something to say!"
- Ronny Graupe