Łukasz Borowicki Sextet

Morbidezza of Decadence




Łukasz Borowicki - el. & ac. guitar
Mads la Cour - flugelhorn
Bartłomiej Wawryniuk - alto sax
Søren Gemmer - piano
Mariusz Praśniewski - double bass
Anders Mogensen - drums

The major premise of the album is the desire to go back to more outlined musical forms and textures: the desire to explore the possibilities that follow from a bigger lineup, especially in the composition field. A sextet, consisting of two horns, rhythm group, piano and guitar, has a big sonic potential, though staying in the small ensemble ballpark - and hence - not giving up on the communication ease within the band.

If music expresses anything it is emotions and I believe that music is able to reveal the nature of emotions more precisely and truthfully than any language can ever do.
My intention for this album has been to capture a particular mood in abstracto, to capture its dynamic structure, insight into its process – mirroring its morphology with the musical means of expression.

On the other hand I wanted the music to be open for interpretation and an individual expression of each of the musicians, to serve as a vehicle for free musical dialogue.
I wanted the statements to be honest and the manner of expression to be spontaneous. Despite the fact that all the musicians participating in this project know each other very well from various other collaborations, we met in this very lineup for the first time in the studio on the day of the recording session. It allowed us to preserve a freshness: a certain amount of creative uncertainty avoiding excessive smoothing of the material.

Morbidezza of decadence, or the delicacy of decadence, is an attempt to find the good balance between the elements that are often contrasted with each other: melodiousness, fixed structures and aesthetics of order on one side and improvisation, openness, undetermination and aesthetics of deconstruction - on the other.


Compositions: Łukasz Borowicki
Recorded at Peak Productions, April 2017, Odense by Peter Hellesøe
Mix/master: Łukasz Borowicki


Album teaser

Recording session footage