Łukasz Borowicki Quartet

with Mads la Cour, Mariusz Praśniewski and Karol Domański. The quartet released the album Wandering flecks in may, 2016.

logo quartet

"I'm looking for the meaning and the emotions embodied in the structure, in the dynamic of the relations of its elements. Deconstruction and apparant chaos conform a musical idea to a stream of consiousness; hence rapid changes are opposed to slow development and thick textures of rigidly outlined contour - to free spaces.
I'm interested especially in this approach to composing and in musical symbolism in the context of improvisation, the process of creation, manifestation of the moment and one's presence - both individually and collectively. The album "Wandering Flecks" is also an exploration of and a journey into these fields - this time in the format of a quartet with flugelhorn."

- Łukasz Borowicki